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Introduction to Mapping and GIS

Introduction to Mapping and GIS

This workshop aims to provide basic and instructional information regarding Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and aims to provide the participants with basic knowledge of spatial data and mapping.

The beginning of the workshop, the first 30-45 minutes, will consist of a brief lecture which will explain what GIS is, the uses of it, and why it is a relevant tool for all students in all disciplines. This workshop is geared towards students who have little knowledge of GIS and spatial data. The lecture slides will contain information regarding the type of data GIS uses, can manipulate, and creates. The second half of the workshop will consist of an activity or two that will allow the participants to engage with the GIS tools and data they just learned about. 

Some of the main topics/questions covered in this workshop will be the following:

1. What is GIS, mapping, and spatial data.

2. GIS data types and file formats.

3. GIS analysis, problem solving, and case studies.

February 25, 2020
4:00pm - 6:00pm
Canaday 315
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Alice McGrath