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Tech Talk - Remote Sensing in Ecology Teaching and Research

Prof. Tom Mozdzer is integrating remote sensing and photogrammetry using drones and aerial photograph analysis via Pix4D software into the lab section of BIOLB220 Ecology. These technologies are the cutting edge of field ecology, and also used by land managers, consultants, agriculturalists and scientists in other fields. Mozdzer d­­eveloped a two-week module that teaches students how to program flight plans for a drone, use the drone to collect data, and then analyze that data using Pix4D image-analysis software. He began using the drone on campus and with student researchers at his field site in Massachusetts in summer 2018, and currently is developing the course module for use in fall 2019, and data that BIOLB200 Ecology lab students collect with drones will contribute to the long-term data the lab has been collecting in Morris Woods, adjacent to Bryn Mawr College’s campus. Bryn Mawr students who want to deepen their experience will be able to use the drone and the Pix4D software in research for their senior theses.

April 9, 2019
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Old Library 224
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