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Using Online Interactive Learning Materials to Individualize Learning

Using Online Interactive Learning Materials to Individualize Learning

Join us for a workshop on using online interactive materials to individualize learning, particularly in large introductory courses, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts (PCLA) . Students often enter these courses with differing degrees of prior exposure to course content and skills, and it can be difficult to teach in ways that challenge those with some exposure yet do not leave those with none. In this workshop, faculty from PCLA member colleges will present the online materials and strategies they have developed to help individualize learning to better meet students’ needs.These include learning modules developing for the Blended, Just-in-Time Math Fundamentals program, which connect problems that students commonly encounter in introductory calculus, chemistry and physics to the underlying math skills needed to solve them, and learning modules for Psychology Research Methods and Statistics, which help students self-assess, get feedback, and develop mastery of key concepts in skills in those courses.

Both sets of resources were created using a free, open educational platform called MyOpenMath, which enables faculty to share questions and other course material for creating quizzes, tutorials and courses. Materials are free and editable, and can adapted for use in related courses, such as economics in the case the Blended, Just-in-Time Math Fundamentals, or other social sciences in the case of Psychology Research Methods and Statistics.

If you cannot attend in person, but could attend remotely, please contact Jennifer Spohrer (jspohrer@brynmawr.edu) about arrangements. 

September 22, 2017
1:00pm - 4:00pm
Benham Gateway Conference Room
Library & Information Technology Services
  Digital Pedagogy     Workshop  
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